Yankees players Autographs and Jeter gets 2,721 hits

So as you may have read from the blog below I got to talk Jeter and get an autograph.  That was just the beginning of an Interesting day.


Earlier in the day, we started to see alot of helicopters flying around in my area.  So of course we use  all of our possible resources( CNN.com, NY1, facebook, twitter and finally my co-workers brother NYPD)  to figure out whats going on.

Then we found out. President Obama was in town and his helicopter was down the street from us.


We decided to walk down and hope to get a glimpse of the President.  Of course trying to get close to the President is way different than Jeter but we still wanted to try.  We rush down to the pier to see President Obama.  We saw him get out of his car and on to the helicoptor.  What was cool was this.



I have it on video but dont know how to post it, but it was pretty cool.


Headed to the stadium a few hours later.  As you know the whole Jeter autograph blog but there was more after that.

 I got to see history that night which is always pretty cool.  As a yankee fan any moment can be a great moment and yesterday it was. 


During batting practice not only did I get Jeter’s autograph I also got 6  yankees players. After  yelling and pleading with others!


After Jeter, I moved over to where they were all stretching and warming up.  I saw a late Rivera running over to go with the rest of his teammates.  I scream MO can you sign for me?? He said smiling I’m already late!  I screamed back but you can come back later right?? he just smiled.  Later he ended just waving at me and went into the dugout but he did sign for kids on his way in.  I just didnt have a ball for him to sign cause I didnt want my Jeter baseball having anyone else.


Shelly Duncan-  I think he was the nicest one out of everyone yesterday. He came over after the kids next to me asked him to sign.  He was the first to sign my print ticket. I told him that Ive been follow him on the box scores online and that he had a great season.  He looked up and made eye contact and said ” thank you I really appreciate you saying that”.  Then he was off.  I thought that was really cool.

Next up Robinson Cano. After stretching a few people and myself screamed for Cano to come and sign and he said he will be back.  So in others theres a small chance of that.  Luckily for us he started playing catch with Jeter and Molina.  Molina was with Cano closer to me then Jeter was which I guess is a good thing.  I asked Cano again.  “can you sign for me now?”  He was like not right now.  Then I ask what about you Molina? He said NO not now with a smile.  After playing catch they walked over and both signed my stubhub print out.

So after that came Arod. Before this season he was really tough to get,  I guess he do some PR stuff for his public image so hes signing alot more.  I was at the spot where they finished signing and the kids next to me still screaming his name. He was about to sign but Melky threw the ball at him and they started playing catch.  He disappeared from our sight when we looked down the field to see which fans got it with a ball.  Next thing we knew Arod was taking field and batting practice.  In other words we would have to wait and see.  We he was heading back to the dugout he took off his batting gloves and threw it at the kid who was next to me before.  This kid made his way down to the dugout waiting for Arod.  Arod then started signing for everybody around.  I didnt have a ball yet and couldnt just toss him paper. So I waited and then I saw Mick Keller the 1st base coach.  He had a ball in his hand that he was throwing into his mitt.  I yelled to him and put my glove up and he looked at the ball and threw it.  I caught it perfectly in the web of my glove.  Thanked him and ran to the dugout area.  Perfect timing Arod made eye contact with me and I tossed him the ball. He signed it and to my delightment it turned out the ball Mick threw me was a commerative 2009 ball.  Arod signed right below that. PERFECT.

Phil Coke was my next victim.  He was really cool and always signs.  For some reason I always ask for his autograph.  I got like 4 of his autographs just from this year.  Anyway he came over after batting practice and I screamed for him to sign.  I gave him his 2009 Goudey baseball card to sign and he said the funniest thing.  ” oh great you give me the baseball card that they messed my nose up in” but he still signed it with a smile.


Finally batting practice was done and the last person off the field was Alfredo Aceves.  If your a yankee fan, you know this guy.  He has 10 wins as a reliver which is great.  I asked him to sign my ticket which he did.  As he was leaving fans for the field section was screaming trying to get his attention which they did.  The fan threw the ball to me and I handed it to him.




ticket pic.JPG


So that was that.  Time for the game.  As you know Jeter tied Gehrig record but the atomsphere was so energenic everytime he would come to bat. It was AMAZING!  The crowd chant Derek Jeter! Then M-V-P!  Just got goosebumps.  Also classy of Tampa Bay to acknowledge the moment as well. 




Overall it was a great day and night!



Derek Jeter and the Iron Horse.

So my great fiance got me tickets to the game against Tampa last night 9/9/09.  So what was so great about the ticket she got me

So I get in exactly at 4pm as the gates open.  It was Snoppy give away night so I got mine.  I head down to the field behind the dugout and I spotted something that I was hoping for.

Jeter was there talking to those people who I said I will not be.  The ones who pay tons of money just to take a picture autograph and conversation with him.
spotted 2.jpg
He then started signing autographs.  This was great! He was signing with not that many people around so I thought he would sign for me as well.  I started to head down to the front row but I saw security blocking the walkway.  I asked if I could go down to try to get an autograph, to me surprise he let me thru.  I guess when there isnt that many people they will let you go.  I saw 2 ladies also there trying to get Jeter’s attention.  They did.  So I rushed over and had a quick very short conversation.
Ebe: Hey Derek can you sign this too? ( handing him a ball from batting practice last season OMLB)
Derek: Sure. ( takes the ball and signs it.)
Ebe: Thanks Derek! (Takes the ball and I stick my hand out to shake his and he does)
Ebe: Good luck tonight
Derek: Thanks!
So now the part I am upset about.  I was so star struck with the whole thing and upset that I left my Iphone at home and had to use my blackberry, I didnt ask to take a picture with him like the 2 women did.
Anyway, I got 2 out of 3 of my shallow goals for this blog.  Ill update pics in a bit and let you know what else happened on this interesting day.

The good and the bad??

Lets start with the bad…I haven’t met Derek Jeter yet or get a personal autograph or picture with my favorite baseball player. 


The good?

I have gotten the chance to meet and get OTHER Yankees players during this time.


Joba was at Last Licks doing signings for a decent price.


also future superstar Austin Jackson
austin jackson.jpg


I got to shake hands with Reggie Jackson on the second to last day in the old Yankees Stadium.  After I took this picture.  He was on his way to the black top of the bleachers.n619480594_4301512_7130.jpg

Got an autograph of Joba again in the new stadium,n1180214631_2206150_7057050.jpg


Johnny Damon and Phil Coke.IMG_0489.JPG


Mark Texiera threw me a ball in between innings



so I guess its good but still bad.


Until the next



so as I was saying…

Well its been awhile since my last entry in this difficult task of mine.  I tried the upperdeck promotion but that did not go as planned…very difficult to complete and quite expensive.  Luckily I did get to help out some people who did complete the set and got to go see Jeter.  so congrats to them all espeically to Josh.


So now I try to figure out what my next plan is….For most of 2009 I had to prepare for the wonderful world of marriage.  My wedding is exactly a month away so after that I can try to see what else I can do to accomplish this goal…Like I said I dont really want to pay a large amount just to talk to him or get an autograph,  I would rather do it randomly or thru a contest like upperdeck.  I tried batting practice but of course he didnt sign for anyone. 



Anyone out there in the blog world have any ideas or connections that could help me out?



Until the next



so it begins

heres a little background

when i was younger i was a huge michael jordan fan…at that time, all i could do was collect all the michael jordan basketball cards that i could.  i never saw him in person or got to see him anywhere other than the tv.  

well i grew up and started watching baseball again.  i was a senior in high school when i started to watch the yankees more often.  started to watch derek jeter because of the hype of him being a rookie and getting the starting SS position. the rest is history about jeter as everyone knows.  For me, i started to collect jeter baseball cards just as i did with jordan.  So as the years went on my collection started to grow slowly but more.  After graduating from college and getting a paying job i started collecting more memorabilia of autograph baseballs, more baseball cards and of course as much of jeter autos that i can afford.
i never got to meet jeter in person, the closet i got was when i was at a stop light in new york and he was driving the SUV next to me and of course i was star struck! So from that moment i decided that i would try to meet derek jeter through ways i could without having to pay the ridiculous amount of money.  so my goal?  personal autograph from derek jeter, a picture with me and him and one hand shake.  i know it sounds crazy or unrealistic but its a goal that i hope to accomplish.  never got to meet michael jordan and im not sure if i will be able to but i really hope i do meet derek jeter.  wish me luck!
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